Media Cameras


Our journalistic approach is the reason for our 10+ years of success making our clients’ stories recognized in the media. Using a proven combination of media and investigative skills, we bring the news and legal worlds together so important stories get told.

In the 24-7 news cycle with shorter deadlines and pressure to produce more with less, our unique story development process makes it easier for journalists to cover our clients’ stories. Acting as defacto producers, we craft the “total story package,” providing every conceivable story element – from story focus and research to media preparation and visuals – so clients’ stories get told.

Our clients are our partners. We work closely with prominent lawyers who share our commitment to ethics, integrity and excellence.

We promote our clients, not ourselves. At Media Masters Group, confidentiality is paramount. Clients appreciate our below-the-radar approach. We do not publicize our clients’ names or our exceptional results, but we’re happy to provide references upon request.