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Tracy SadeghianTracy Sadeghian is an award-winning investigative reporter and communications specialist who founded Media Masters Group, a boutique public relations firm for trial attorneys.

As an investigative reporter, she experienced the media’s unmatched power of bringing public interest issues to light and the important role attorneys had in them. Realizing many compelling stories went untold, she founded the firm to bridge this gap, bringing the legal and media worlds together.

Tracy has worked as a consumer producer, consumer reporter and investigative reporter for television newsrooms in New York, Missouri, Georgia and Florida. She earned a master’s degree from the renowned Missouri School of Journalism on a Walter Williams scholarship.

“Our journalistic approach is the reason for our 10+ years of success.”

For more than a decade, she has leveraged her extensive network of local and national media contacts to attain news coverage  – in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and digital media.